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Take the stress out of leaving your dog behind.  At Val's Pals your "child" is treated like one of their own.  While your dog is here they will enjoy running and playing in over 2000 square feet of fenced in area with "view of pond".  The dogs are never left outside, they go in and out all day, playing both inside and out.  There are daily walks in nearby paths, Governor Ames Estate, downtown North Easton Village and the NRT Sheep Pasture.  Val's Pals only accepts up to four dogs at a time, so the human to dog ratio is low and your dog is receiving plenty of individual attention.  Cage free sleeping and an abundance of loving.  It is nothing like dropping your dog off at a kennel, it is truly a home.

Open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm  Available Saturday and Sunday open request, prior booking required.